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Moroni Monica is born in Pesaro on the 14th October 1962.

She had studied flute with M° Fiorenzo Di Tommaso and “Didattica della musica” at the “Conservatorio di Musica “G. Rossini””.

She had completed her studies with M° M. Ancillotti, A. Danesin, A. Vendramelli, H, Aisemderg, A. Lisi, N. Mazzanti, A. Morini.

She had studied Musictherapy in Assisi, at the “Pro Civitate Christiana” and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) at the NPL International \ ISI – CNVin Nizza.

During her perfomances, Monica shares her passion and knowledge of all the flute’s family.

She plays as a solist or in duos and ensambles. Monica’s repertoir increased in differet period and ages making a complete perfomance.



Between 2013 and 2015 Monica is in tour in Rome.

  •      She performs in different basilicas in Rome and Lazio as a solist and in a duo with the piano  and a duo with horgan and duo with the viola.


On December 2013

  •      She plays in Viterbo at “Cattedrale dei Papi” in a solo formation. At the end of the concert she receives the “Premio alla carriera”


  •      February 7-March 21

“Sarajevo Winter 2012” where she pays at the “XXVIII International Festival Sarajevo” where she performs in “And time future in time past”.


  •      In January she plays in ensamble for the inauguration of “Library Archive”, Little Costellation in San Marino Republic.
  •      On the 2nd September she plays in Porretta Terme (BO) performing in ensable “Arcontemporanea”and during the year in different places in Emilia Romagna as a solist.


  •      Workshop “Nuovi Orizzonti Sonori” organized by “Asarmonica”
  •      She plays in 3 performaces organized by Roberto Paci Dalò named “Rimini Cartografie”, “design, architettura, musica, video, cinema, fashion, parole, radio in un happening nello spirito di John Cage” and “Scuole Creative” where different artists had the possibility to play together for the same aim.

Between 1984 and 1990

  •      she perfomes in different italian cities with the “Trio Jolivet”; such as: Gorizia, Trieste, Molfetta, Melfi, Bologna, Pesaro, Colleferro, Macerata etc

In 1985

  •      She plays in the “Maometto II” at the “G. Rossini Theatre” during the “Rossini Opera Festival”.

She wins differt contests:

  •       The 1st award at the” 30°Concorso Nazionale di Musica A.M.A. Calabria Lamezia Terme” section “Contemporary Music ” with M. Montaguti “De Tempore” (C bass flute), G.Taglietti “Le libellule elettriche” e S. Sciarrino “L’Orizzonte Luminoso di Aton” (C flute).
  •      She wins the international ,music contest “Città di Stresa” with the “Trio Jolivet”
  •      National Award for the Research promoted by A.P.I.M. (Italian Professional Musictherapy Association) with the research “The sitting perimeter” and magazine publication in “Theray and Music” ed. Cosmopolis.